The UCLG Culture Committee and Mexico City approved the Declaration on “Culture and Peace” in the framework of the International Seminar “Cultural Rights and Peace in the City”, on 20 October 2018.


Cultural Rights

    My article “Cultural Rights, Local Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development: constructing a coherent narrative” for the Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, an interdisciplinary academic peer-review research journal.


La cultura en la agenda urbana

En el artículo “La cultura en la agenda urbana” publicado en el blog de Ciudad y Urbanismo de la UOC, presento algunos de los problemas que los actores culturales deben abordar; en síntesis: modificar las estructuras de gobernanza de la cultura y acercarlas a la ciudadanía.


Culture in sustainability – the best is yet to come

This is a long article: “Culture as a pillar in sustainability: the best is yet to come“. The consideration of culture as a stand-alone pillar, dimension or component of sustainability (the fourth or the first) is the best strategy, not only for the agency of cultural actors but as a […]


My urban postcards from Habitat 3

Back from UN Conference Habitat 3 in Quito, colleagues of Culture Action Europe asked me to write a short article on what can cities do with the New Urban Agenda. It was published in December 2016.


Habitat 3. Culture in Sustainable Cities

At the UN Conference Habitat 3 in Quito, on 18 October 2016, I gave a brief speech with observations and comments on “culture in sustainable cities”. I was representing UCLG – Agenda 21 for culture. Aussi en français. También en español.


Medea Research LAB – Malmö University

   Medea Vox is a podcast by and with scholars in the media and design fields. I was invited to discuss with Asko Kauppinen and Clara Norell. The theme was sustainable urban development. The podcast is available here.  

Blog - Cimera

Cimera Jeju 2017

Al mes de maig de 2017, a Jeju, vam organitzar la segona Cimera de cultura de CGLU, centrada en el progrés de Cultura 21 Accions i en el paper de la cultura en els Objectius de Desenvolupament Sostenible. Tenim feina!


Navigating Through the Pillars

This is a conversation between Joan Hawkes and myself, on the cultural pillar (or dimension or sphere) of sustainability. This is why the title reads “Navigating Through the Pillars“. It was included in the book “Another Europe”, by the European Cultural Foundation.



The first-ever global campaign of cultural networks on culture and sustainable development was #culture2015goal. We struggled for the place of culture in the SDGs.


Global campaign Culture in SDGs

#culture2015goal is the first-ever global joint campaign of cultural networks on culture and sustainable development. The campaign includes networks of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The members of these networks work locally, nationally and internationally, connecting local communities to globalization. The campaign convenes a key message: culture is not only at […]